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Jul. 23rd, 2012


Now I can upload to tumblr.. but it's not really what I want.. but better then nothing ^^

Now is a mini GIF spam I will share!
Just got the mood to make them so *_*

This is my love for Mitsu xDD

But.. When I saw this I just need to make a gif of this one xDDD

We all know how Johnny's boy like to fall asleep on the train.. but Shingo-kun.. This is a little bad to fall asleep standing..
and not waking up when u have fallen down and knocked your head on the door !!

Mada mada

Yo here I am again !!

Of course with a new gif ~!!

Just love how I can make it now *_*

But pity that I can't put it on tumblr T____T !!!!

And here we have Taipi after he got deep kissed with the .... what the name again?? xDD Giraffe??



Im back again!
Just want to say that I got a program to do animation gif now *_* !!

Chou ureshii!!

My Photoshop wont work for me T_T so I can't use it....

But.. No problem now that I got a new program ^o^/
BUT !! The problem is that... I can't reduce the size for tumblr....
so I will just put upp here in LJ insted haha


Well i saw some people taking a look at my lj, but sorry that I haven't update at all!!

Im not so good at update on blogs hahaha,
But I will try my best! And I will try best to write in english so u can understand me!
(Yes Im really suck at english)

I just watched Mitsu's journey to india ep 3... Got to say that... HES SO FR*AKING CUTE!!! \(//∇//)\ かわいい~
MANGO JUICE + MITSU = *Im dead* (insert keyboard smashing)

can someone be cuter than him when eating??
can't he come to sweden?? Im going to give him so much food he wants for FREE!!!!

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Come Back!

Oh wow!

I was away from lj for 3 years!!!

That was because I got a boyfriend ~<3 and stopped with the fangirling for awhile..
but now...

Im baaack!!

But not with the old ones anymore...

Right now I love ..... FUJIGAYA TAISUKE !! *claps* and KITAYAMA HIROMITSU !

Yeah that's right.. Right now I'm only into Kis-My-Ft2 !! *_*

They're soooo cute x3

Jun. 4th, 2009


I haven't update in a while... well.. I have just post 1 entry xDD sry sry...

I have been busy with school and arguing with my teacher -___-!!!

But today... I skipped school because I only have PE and it's outside.. IN THE RAIN!!! No way I'm going xD

But... Yesterday I watched The Quiz Show Golden ep 5-6 and omg.. I LOVE SHO..!! He's so freaking cute and...!!!
And Yoko is so cool *__* But.... is he good or... what??? xDD I want to knoooow!!!!

But right now I'm thinking if I should wait for ep 7 with sub or watch it RAW.... Someone help me decide...!!!



Today we're going to have a fanmeeting in stockholm~!!! Because TegoMassu cancelled their concert T____T
So I have 5 people in my bedroom... (Not big yo) It was really hoooooooot in there!! O.o.... It was like I was sleeping in a swimmingpool xDDD

We've been fangirling all night and we watched shukudai-kun and himitsu no arashi-chan. We laughed our asses off
Today I met everyone who are going to live at my place. We ate pizzas and saw a lot of cops and fixed a passport and saw a lot of crazy soccer dudes. >O<